Ten Tips for Jobs Seekers

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In Ethiopia, each company operates differently and requires different skills from its employees. However, to find Jobs in Ethiopia entrepreneurs and managers usually want qualified employees, no matter what industry they operate in.

Ten Tips for Jobs seekers
Here are some tips for jobs seekers from shola jobs:

1. Always be Open-minded

To be open means to be receptive to a variety of ideas, arguments, and information; Open-mindedness is generally seen as a positive quality; It is a necessary skill to think critically and rationally.

Make an effort to work with as many different types of people and in as many different situations as you can. Get involved in exciting projects, meet new people every day and get used to the feeling of not knowing everything.

Challenging your existing beliefs and considering various ideas can give you fresh insights into the world and also teach you new things about yourself.

2. Strong Work Ethic

Every ideal employee has an enviable work ethic. An employee with a strong work ethic will work hard, be dedicated, and be determined to deliver their highest quality work on time.

When employees have a positive attitude towards work, they require less management to get the job done. It also becomes easier for managers to delegate tasks to team members when they show a strong work ethic.

A good work ethic will mean the difference between a high-performing worker and an average employee. If you hire people with years of experience but no work ethic, it is your sole responsibility.

3. Be a Team Player

Being a valued team member can open up new career opportunities as leaders can see firsthand what great work you are doing. You may even be invited to play your strengths in a different team environment and on high-profile, business-critical projects. That is why it is so critical to learn to be a skilled team player. When you make a positive impression, you never know what options are open to you.

Be a team player
Be a Team Player
The age-old saying “there is no ‘i’ in team” is absolutely correct.
If new graduates cannot pool resources and work in partnerships, it becomes difficult for them to be successful. Plus, you don’t get enough achievements for the day. The days of being a lone wolf are long gone, so don’t be.

4. Always Practice Patience

Situations are almost inevitably going to turn out wrong. Instead of thinking about the negatives, use these moments as a learning experience that provides opportunities to accelerate the development of your own growth and confidence.

Choose not to hide or run away from the problems you encounter. Instead, get involved and become the new kind of person you want to be. This will enable you to cope with problems with a strong and positive outlook on life, which will change your life huge way.

5. Learn to be Flexible

Flexibility in the workplace is a strategy for responding to changing circumstances and expectations. Employees who approach their work flexibly are often valued more highly by employers.

You may not like it with your new fresh graduate job, but whatever happens, perform well and find ways to empower others to do their jobs well.

When you show your skills and ingenuity, your bosses, co-workers, and even the companies that work with you will love you on their team even more. Success in business will lead to more business for you.

Proving to yourself that you can persist and do a job that you don’t like. However, imagine what you will be able to do once you find a job that you are passionate about.

6. Be a Fighter

If you fail a subject while studying at a college or university, it is a sign that you haven’t studied and may not have a degree.

Everything was basically black and white. However, in your career and life, you fail. When that happens, you can learn very valuable lessons that will help you throughout your work life.

Face your mistakes gracefully and turn them into positive action rather than inaction. Don’t get discouraged, just sit back together and use what you have learned, and move on as a stronger person.

7. Become a Proactive Person

There are three types of people in this world. A person desires things to happen, another desires things to occur, but most importantly, let things take place. Happen. Be proactive and get involved in your work and find ways to make things happen.

Use all your skills and strengths to propel yourself forward, identify areas in the job that show weakness, and drive change. Your recognition will do wonders for your working life.

8. Be a Humble Person

Almost every person who has achieved greatness in their careers will tell you that they did not reach where they are now by doing it all alone.
Everyone needs mentors and people to teach and guide them throughout their careers. So, be open to guidance and criticism, you will find interesting people to learn from and open their minds to throughout your life.

9. Have a Gracious Demeanor

Following the tips above will inevitably lead to a successful life, but when you are on top you should mark the “how” over the “what.”

Achieving success is not always about knowing and understanding how you got there.

Take people with you on your journey. Never use rebates as a way to help others achieve the success that you have achieved. This will help you thwart future failures that may arise.

10. Critical Thinkers

Great employees exhibit the necessary critical thinking skills. Thinking critically is the skill set of looking at a problem and coming up with a logical solution.
Generally, this is done by reviewing different perspectives and possible solutions. Employees with such critical thinking skill sets:
  • Ask the right questions.
  • Identify business strengths and weaknesses for the long term.
  • Can identify problems and provide helpful solutions.
  • They are great out-of-the-box thinkers.
  • Never miss out on the crucial details.
Organizations find that when they hire employees with strong critical thinking skills, they are identified as assets.

Final Conclusion 

As a shola jobs recruiter, don’t take this list as your only source of qualities of a good employee that you should look for. Different organizations in Ethiopia have different core values.
An ideal employee at your company might not be that great in another. It’s up to you to decide which qualities your organization should honor.
Once you have identified the ones who match the qualities of a good employee, they should be valued for a job well done. Reward and recognize achievements with thanks, awards, bonuses, or other achievements for employees.
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