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Coca-Cola S.C. Ethiopia One of the few countries with a unique relationship with Coca-Cola is Ethiopia. Since 1950, the country has been home to the largest Coca-Cola bottling plant in the world. Ethiopia has stayed strong in the Coca-Cola family despite the departure of other countries.

In Ethiopia, Coca-Cola Ethiopia produces and distributes Coca-Cola products. They also produce other beverages such as Fanta, Sprite, and Aquarius in addition to the traditional Coca-Cola drinks. As part of its non-carbonated drink offering, the company also partners with local farmers to source fruit.

The success of Coca-Cola in Ethiopia is a testament to the power of a strong global brand. Despite political and economic changes, the company has remained a constant presence in the country and continues to invest in the future of Ethiopia

Coca-Cola Ethiopia Job Vacancy 2023

Coca-Cola S.C. invites applications for a job opportunity in Ethiopia for 2023. Ethiopians in this region have a great opportunity to find meaningful employment and contribute to its development.

Coca-Cola is looking for motivated individuals to join its team in production, marketing, and distribution. The scope of this job includes everything from developing new recipes to managing the supply chain.

Applicants should have a high school degree and be proficient in both English and Amharic. A competitive salary, health insurance, and other benefits are provided to successful applicants.

Coca-Cola Ethiopia is committed to creating job opportunities in Ethiopia and helping people to have better life. This job vacancy is your chance to be part of something significant and create a lasting impact. Coca-Cola Ethiopia

Ethiopia’s East Africa Bottling Share Company is one of the region’s most successful Coca-Cola bottlers.

A career with one of the world’s most iconic brands could be the perfect opportunity for you if you’re interested in the beverage industry.

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