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Globally, millions of people suffer from hunger, deprived of the basic sustenance they need to survive and thrive. World Food Programme (WFP) is the United Nations’ primary agency fighting world hunger. By implementing its initiatives, the WFP aims to end poverty and hunger in the most vulnerable communities

World Food Programme vacancy in Ethiopia

The World Food Programme works tirelessly to provide food to people in need all around the world. In Ethiopia, the WFP has been actively supporting individuals and families affected by food insecurity and poverty, and has recently opened a variety of new job vacancies.

The diverse array of available positions range from logistics and administration, to agriculture and nutrition roles. Individuals with a commitment to ending world hunger and helping people in need are encouraged to apply.

World food programme jobs in Ethiopia 2023

World Food Program (WFP) is an international organization that provides food aid to vulnerable populations around the world. In over 80 countries, the WFP fights hunger, poverty and food insecurity as one of the world’s largest humanitarian aid organizations. In the upcoming year, the WFP will continue to expand its operations in Ethiopia. This will offering new job opportunities for those looking to make a difference in the fight against global hunger.

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