How to Prepare for Phone Interviews? Be Fearless

In the recruitment process, interviews are the main process. The interview can be a face to face interview or a phone interview. Both need proper preparation, but mostly you have...
April 14, 2023
How to Prepare for Phone Interviews? Be Fearless

In the recruitment process, interviews are the main process. The interview can be a face to face interview or a phone interview. Both need proper preparation, but mostly you have to prepare for phone interviews.

Both types of interviews are common. In the modern world, phone interviews make things easy. You can sit in your home office and conduct interviews with potential employers or interviewers.

In these articles, we are going to see how to prepare for phone interviews and what tips you must follow before the interviews. You must prepare to pass the interviews; otherwise, you may fail and not satisfy the interviewer or potential employers.

What are Phone Interviews and How are They Different from Traditional Interviews?

A phone interview is a process of interviewing a person for recruitment or any other purpose by phone call without meeting face to face. Phone interviewing is mostly virtual; you don’t need to go to interview centers or companies. You can do the interviews anywhere, but it must be a quiet place.

The traditional interview, or a face-to-face interview, requires you to go to the company that recruited you and have an interview face-to-face with the interviewers. This is the main difference between phone interviews and traditional interviews.

Advantages of Phone Interviews

If you have fear when you stand in front of a group of people in an interview center, phone interviews may be quite advantageous for you. In phone interviews, you can be interviewed from any location, which gives you great flexibility.

Phone interviews have many advantages. These are:

  • You can interview from your home.
  • It gives you flexibility.
  • It reduces fear; if you have fear, people
  • You can read your notes or references.
  • You can wear any cloth; don’t worry about your cloth.
  • Also, it reduces the cost of transportation since you can do it from your home or anywhere else.

Tips to Prepare for Phone Interviews

For any type of interview, you must prepare and be ready to overcome your fears. Most commonly, the cause of fear is a lack of knowledge. If you know what someone is asking you, you can answer confidently and without fear.

In the interview process, if you know the question the interviewers will ask you, you can answer the question with a sure and confident tone of voice. These are the types of candidates that every interviewee or potential employer requires. 

But to be the man you want to be, you have to prepare for it. Before the dates approach, you must prepare for phone interviews.

Here are some tried-and-true methods for overcoming your anxiety about phone interviews:

1. Research the companies.

Before going companies interview center, you should conduct research on the company and learn about its background history. You must conduct research and confirm the company’s mission, vision, and the types of personality and skills required for its employees.

How do I prepare for phone interviews? Be fearless

All information about the companies is available on their official websites and social media profiles. This information will assist you in answering questions about the company’s area during the phone interview process.

2. review the job description

Any job vacancy has a clear job description. The job description includes the duties or responsibilities needed for employees, skills needed for the position, experience required, educational qualifications, and any training required for the job’s position.

So, you have to check all the descriptions to see if you are fit for the position or not. Then, highlight the key skills and responsibilities or duties required of the candidate in your notes. These help you answer the question the interviewer asks you according to their needs. During phone interviews, try to fit yourself into the company based on the duties required of employees. 

3. Prepare relevant documents.

Preparing relevant documents for the job position will help you refer to them during the phone interview process. It gives you extra information during the interviews. When you prepare the document, you must have the resume or CV you submitted for the job position in the company.

How do I prepare for phone interviews? Be fearless

These help you so that when the interviewer asks you about yourself, you can answer, “What is on the resume or CV”. Because the potential employer or interviewer will cross check the interview and your CV. And you must make sure you provide the same information.

4. Prepare for common interview questions.

In the recruitment process, there is one common interview question that many company recruiters may ask you. And you have to search for this question and prepare for it. There are different interview questions and answers in pdf format on the internet. So you have to read and prepare for phone interviews.

The most common interviews question I am asked during phone interviews is:

  1. Tell us about yourself.
  2. Why do you want to work for us?
  3. Why are you interested in this job position?
  4. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  5. What is your greatest accomplishment?
  6. What is your salary expectation?

5. Choose the right place for phone interviews.

You have to be in a quiet and silent place where no one can disturb you or distract you. You have to choose a place where you can give interviews your full attention.

Make sure your environment is quiet and free. Turn off any sound-producing devices, such as TVs and radios, to maintain a quiet environment. 

6. Check your device technology.

When you prepare for phone interviews, you have to check your phone network and battery charge. If you disconnect in the middle of an interview, you may lose confidence and the employer may lose comfort.

Choose a place where you get a full internet connection. Also, you have to charge your phone before the interview begins, and the charge percentage must be above 75%.

7. Dress professionally 

You may ask me, “Why do I wear professional clothes when I’m at home and no one sees me?” The reason you have to wear professional clothes is to gain confidence and have a sense of professionalism as a new candidate.

Dressing professionally gives you confidence when you talk and answer questions like a gentleman. Also, you develop a good character mood.

smile during conversation

When you speak, you must listen to your voice and speak in a nice and smiling way. Your sound must be clean and clear. Your voice is not too loud or hard to hear. You also use your normal voice tone when you speak.

9. Prepare questions for the interviews.

In the interview, the interviewer asks you a lot of questions, and you have to answer all of them clearly. But you can ask again if you do not understand the question.

You can also ask the interviewer any new questions you have about the company. This gives you extra credit with the interviewer. So you have to prepare some questions you have to ask the interviewer.

10. Send me an email or massage.

For sure, the interviewer will first contact you by email, and you have to respond to the email as soon as possible. You have to be active and answer everything according to the interviewer’s needs.

If I first contact you by phone number, I will say thank you for the interview and end the conversation. This shows you are professional and have respect for yourself and the interviewers.

Dos and Don’ts During Phone Interviews

You have to do something before and during the interviews. And also things you don’t have to do too.

Do this;

  • Background research
  • Practice before the interviews.
  • Do listen to the interviewers carefully.
  • Make sure you use appropriate language and vocabulary.

Don’t do this;

  • Don’t multitask during phone interviews.
  • Don’t interrupt the interviewer.
  • Don’t speak loudly.
  • Don’t speak negative words.
  • Don’t make interviews in public places.
  • Don’t lay the interviewers


A phone interview is one of the types of interviews in the recruitment process. You have to prepare for phone interviews to win and get your dream jobs. Preparation creates a great opportunity to answer the question in the interview with confidence.

Generally, you have to follow some tips to prepare for phone interviews, like doing background research on the company, reviewing the job description, choosing a quiet place, and scheduling the interview soon.

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